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Mile High Aeration

Have  you been annoyed by all those unwanted recorded phone messages from Mile High Aeration?
"This is Ted at Mile High Aeration.  We'll be in  your neighbordhood . . . "

Or how about all of those flyers they tape to your front door?

If you're considering doing business with Mile High Aeration you may want to enlighten yourself first.  This is the place!

Here's the top part of their most recent flyer.  Notice,  3" PLUGS.  DEEPEST PLUGS IN TOWN.
More about that later.

"As Seen On The News Would you like to see what "The News" had to say about them.  (It ain't pretty.)  Why  would they boast about this on their flyer?

Click here for one TV news report.

Click here for another TV News report.

Their ads typically boast that they
pull plugs 3 to 4 linches long. 
They guarantee their plugs are
bigger than any other company's

Actual Mile Hi plugs average about 1.5 inches=======>

Click here to see what they say on their web site.

Here's a sign posted at the home of a
customer who got "short plugged," and
couldn't get a response from Mile Hi Aeration

The sign was stolen on the same day another Mile Hi Aeration flyer was taped to his door. 

Who do you think stole the sign?  Hmmmmm.

     Links to more information about Mile Hi Aeration

Notice the hundreds of complaints.  On their website Mile Hi Aeration addresses the issue.  They rationalize by saying that they have so many customers that the high number of complaints is acceptable.  What they fail to mention, though, is that they don't respond to most complaints, and only a very, very few are resolved. 

Several dissatisfied customers relate their experiences with Mile Hi Aeration.

FCC (.html)      
FCC  (.pdf file)
Here you will see a citation against Mile Hi Aeration for their use of unwanted recorded messages.